Technical Support

Technical Support

Driver Downloads

1140A Email support@allista.local to check for any updates.

Data Sheets/User Manuals

200 T/CMate™ Cold-junction Compensator
201 T/CMate™ Cold-junction Compensator
314B Severe Environment Subminiature Conditioner Amplifier
350 Series Miniature Environmental Amplifier and Signal Conditioners
416 Ruggedized Conditioner-Amplifier
428 Differential Dc Amplifier and Signal Conditioner
441A Frequency-to-Voltage Converter
441AL Frequency-to-Voltage Converter
451 Precision LVDT Conditioner
E408-1 Single-Channel Enclosure (compatible with 352, 428, 441A, 441AL and 451)
E408-6 6-Channel Portable Enclosure (compatible with 352, 428, 441A, 441AL and 451)
R408-14 14-Channel Rack-Mount Enclosure (compatible with 352, 428, 441A, 441AL and 451)
560H Differential DC Amplifier
563H Transducer Conditioner Amplifier
E513-2A 2-Channel Portable Enclosure (compatible with 560H and 563H)
E513-6A 6-Channel Portable Enclosure (compatible with 560H and 563H)
R513-16 16-Channel Rack-Mount Enclosure (compatible with 560H and 563H)
751ELN Precision Differential DC Amplifier
E712-3-12 12-Channel Rack-Mount Enclosure (compatible with 751ELN)
753A Transducer Conditioner Amplifier
E713 12-Channel Rack-Mount Enclosure (compatible with 753A)
765 Programmable Transducer Conditioner Amplifier
R735 10-Channel Rack-Mount Enclosure (compatible with 765)
778 Wideband Signal Conditioner Amplifier
R718 10-Channel Rack-Mount Enclosure (compatible with 778)
721 Single-Unit Bench Mount (compatible with 751ELN, 753A, 778)
1140A Thermocouple Simulator-Calibrator

Legacy Products

414 Ruggedized Conditioner-Amplifier
T414 Ruggedized Thermocouple Conditioner-Amplifier
418 Differential Dc Amplifier and Signal Conditioner
T418 Thermocouple Conditioner-Amplifier
540 Multichannel Conditioner Amplifier
R540-1 10-Unit Enclosure
R540-2 16-Unit Enclosure
755 Enhanced Transducer Conditioner Amplifier
E715 10-Channel Rack-Mount Enclosure
1100CE Thermocouple Simulator-Calibrator
1120 Thermocouple Simulator-Calibrator

Other Product Information

Short-form catalog (general product catalog)
Detailed amplifier selection guide
400 Series Enclosures
Comparison of Ectron Thermocouple Simulator-Calibrators

Application Notes

Amplifier and Conditioner Related Notes DOWNLOAD
Application Note 200: Model 441A Frequency-to-Voltage Applications
Application Note 203: Ectron’s Model 778 and the Split Hopkinson Bar
Application Note 204: Rescue Microvolts from Volts of Noise
Application Note 205: The Flying 560H
Application Note 206: Mast Moment Detection and Countermeasures System
Thermocouple Simulator-Calibrator Related Notes: DOWNLOAD
Application Note 201: High Output Resistance in a Dc Calibrator?
Application Note 207: Model 1140A as a Dc Source
Application Note 208: Data Logging with the Ectron Model 1140A
Application Note 209: Model 1140A Coupled to Multiple Devices

Note: Application notes 110 and 111 are now numbered 200 and 201, respectively.

Technical Papers

Amplifier and Conditioner Related Notes: DOWNLOAD
Technical Note 102: Bridge Balance and Zero Controls in Amplifiers
Technical Note 104A: Model 751ELN vs the Guard-Dragger Amplifier
Technical Note 107: Understanding Dc Instrumentation Amplifiers
Technical Note 108: Designer’s Guide to Instrumentation Amplifiers
Thermocouple Simulator-Calibrator Related Notes DOWNLOAD
Technical Note 105A
Technical Note 109

News Archive

Ectron Sales Rep Newsletters: DOWNLOAD