Ectron has decades of experience specializing in ruggedized, reliable metrology instrumentation designed to provide highly accurate data, even in harsh environmental conditions. Today, Ectron is also leading the field in Industrial IoT (IIoT) by providing First Mile Solutions to the Cloud using Edge Computing with AI/ML capability including solutions covering the entire manufacturing value chain from first sensor touchpoints to the Cloud.



Ectron Corporation provides end to end solutions in the manufacturing chain from the first sensor touchpoint to the Cloud with SmartEYE™, its PaaS (Platform as a Service) with analytics and AI/ML enabled edge computers.

Ectron is also a leading manufacturer of instrumentation amplifiers, the most-precise thermocouple simulator-calibrator on the market and other metrology instrumentation, equipment and accessories, AI/ML enabled edge computers, engine/machine controllers and embedded computers.

Ectron specializes in products designed to provide highly accurate data, even in harsh environmental conditions. Ectron’s products are sold to customers in the Military, Industrial, Research Laboratories, Pharmaceutical, Process Control and other industries.


Quality and customer welfare are uppermost in the efforts of all Ectron employees. Product specifications are stated as the maximum deviation from the ideal rather than only typical performance. For quality assurance all test equipment is referenced to in-house standards that are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. All our products go through rigorous environmental, electrical, and other acceptance and quality tests ensuring high performance and reliability. For example, Ectron’s line of conditioner products including its 400 Series conditioner amplifiers find application wherever accurate data is required under environmentally harsh operating conditions. These products work in environments that have operating conditions of high temperatures and between 100g to 2500g vibration requirements.

In fact, Ectron’s products have been used for decades in government test facilities, as well as in the field by various segments of the military including on Cruise Missiles, rocket launches and even aboard the Space Shuttle; on test tracks in the auto industry and in numerous other commercial, industrial, aerospace and military settings.

With its range of embedded products and AI/ML capable edge computers, Ectron continues this tradition with IP67 rated enclosures, HALT and HASS testing including ATEX and IECEX certification for some of its products.


Ectron products are used across various market verticals in innumerable applications including:

  • Military
  • Industrial
  • Research Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing
  • Process Control
  • Manufacturing



Ectron releases its first edge computer (ECT-ECI) and launches SmartEYE™, its PaaS (Platform as a Service), offering analytics from the first sensor touchpoint to the Cloud using AI/ML enabled edge computers.


Ectron becomes a Microsoft Partner, OEM and an Azure CSP


Ectron selected for participation in the U.S. Navy’s SeaPort Next Generation (SeaPort-NxG) multiple-award contract vehicle


Ectron is certified as an 8(a) woman and minority-owned business


Ectron joins the California Manufacturing Technology Consulting ( and CESMII – The Smart Manufacturing Institute (


Ectron partners with Xceler Systems in order to provide machine learning and artificial intelligence for computing and IoT solutions.


Kary Dodd named CEO and Chairman of the Board


U.S. Navy awards contract to Ectron to equip its calibration labs and calibration teams with the 1140A thermocouple simulator calibrator.


U.S. Air Force awards Ectron the contract to equip all its calibration labs worldwide with Ectron’s 1140B thermocouple simulator calibrator.


Ectron’s 1140A thermocouple simulator calibrator is introduced, and is quickly recognized as the gold standard of thermocouple simulator calibrators on the market. Today, the 1140A remains the gold standard.


Ectron develops a line of high precision gas turbine over speed monitors designed specifically to work in extremely harsh environmental conditions.


Ectron develops the first high precision thermocouple simulator calibrator.


Earl Cunningham founded Ectron Corporation in San Diego California. In its inaugural year, Ectron introduces a line of ruggedized miniature conditioner amplifiers.