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SmartEYE™ Dry Box Kit

For Production Process Real-Time Data Collection and Data Analytics on the Edge w/ AI/ML Capabilities

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  • Minimum Order Quantity for Discount: 4

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SmartEYE™ Market-Ready Kits

With the SmartEYE™ Dry Box Market-Ready Kit, you can monitor your Dry Boxes (modern or legacy) and send all of the information to your network or ERP System. It is a NO CODE, plug-and-play solution.

The SmartEYE™ Dry Box Market-Ready Kit measures:

  • Dry Box Utilization Job Duration
  • Box Temperature Box Humidity
  • Box Air Quality Index (AQI)
  • Outside Environmental Variables such as Temperature and Humidity, which can impact drying performance
  • Number of Door Opens, which affects Boc environmental Conditions and, thus, Drying Cycles
  • Set Up Time, Hold Time, Cool Down Time
  • Number of Units Used in Each Box/Job
  • Number of Units Yielded Per Job
  • Costs Per Unit (Material & Energy Cost)

The Kit consists of our Intelligent Edge Node and a suit of industrial-grade sensors.

The data collected by SmartEYE™ is so fine-grained that equipment feature deviations can be specifically targeted in real-time. Having such detailed data also assists in upgrading equipment predictive maintenance programs, as well as focused troubleshooting relating to equipment.

Because SmartEYE™ can integrate the data from a customer’s entire enterprise, it allows the customer to compare the efficiency of different machines, resources and/or facilities. This integrated data also allows the user to run simulations to show the systemic effects of changes to the production processes before such changes are implemented.

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