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The Model 560H Dc Differential Amplifier provides amplification and/or buffering for low and high-level signal sources.

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The Model 560H Dc Differential Amplifier provides amplification and/or buffering for low and high-level signal sources. The Model 560H is directly interchangeable with the Model 563H Transducer Conditioning Amplifier and utilizes the same enclosures. Gain is front-panel selectable from 0.01 to 25 or 1 to 2500 in 10 calibrated gain steps in a 1, 2, 5 sequence plus a 2.5 gain vernier. Selection of gain range is by a board-mounted 100:1 input divider switch. Front panel controls include both RTI and RTO zero with the RTO zero range board-mounted switch selectable at ±10 V, ±1 V, or ±100 mV. Amplifier output monitor jacks and LED display of input offset is also provided.

The amplifier bandwidth is dc to 200 kHz and an optional two pole Bessel filter with front-panel selectable frequency cut-offs of 10 Hz, 100 Hz, 1 kHz, 10 kHz, and a wideband position permit user selection of lower bandwidth.

The standard output is ±10 V at 10 mA with optional capability to 100 mA. Dual output is provided with the filter option.

This low noise, low drift amplifier features input impedance of 50 MΩ, common mode rejection of 110 dB with up to 300 V common mode voltage capability.

The Model 560H was designed to accurately process low-level signals in electrically noisy environments by providing excellent common mode and normal mode noise rejection and RFI / EMI immunity.


Available enclosures include a two unit portable bench mount, a six unit portable bench mount, and a sixteen unit standard 19-inch rack mount.


  • Gains from 0.01 to 2500
  • 16 channels per 5-1/4″ rack mount
  • LED indicators for zero offset
  • Bandwidth dc to 200 kHz
  • Selectable 5 step filter
  • 100 to 1 input divider


  • J: Wideband Output-10mA; Filtered Output-None
  • K: Wideband Output-100mA; Filtered Output-None
  • L: Wideband Output-10mA; Filtered Output-10mA
  • M: Wideband Output-100mA; Filtered Output-10mA
  • N: Wideband Output-10mA; Filtered Output-100mA

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J: Wideband Output-10mA; Filtered Output-None, K: Wideband Output-100mA; Filtered Output-None, L: Wideband Output-10mA; Filtered Output-10mA, M: Wideband Output-100mA; Filtered Output-10mA, N: Wideband Output-10mA; Filtered Output-100mA

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