Thanks to its factory and equipment monitoring PaaS, SmartEYE™, Ectron Corporation has been selected to join an elite #MSPartner cohort in the #CatalystAccelerator, presented by Microsoft’s @BlackChannelPartnerAlliance, @Black Partner Growth Initiative and @AppMeetup. Inclusion in the Accelerator means Ectron will have access to more resources and technology, which Ectron will use to make customer implementations of SmartEYE™ more efficient and SmartEYE™ data analytics more useful, a benefit that customers will see immediately.

“The Black Channel Partner Alliance, AppMeetup, and the Microsoft Black Partner Growth Initiative are excited to work with Ectron. [By participating in the Accelerator, Ectron has] a whole team [within Microsoft] focused on supporting Ectron’s growth goals over the next few months,” says Regina Johnson, Microsoft BPGI Director of Global Strategy. “This partnership brings even more resources and support to Ectron and, therefore, more power to U.S. manufacturers. With SmartEYE, Ectron is changing the game for U.S. manufacturing by bringing small and medium-sized manufacturers online for an affordable price. Manufacturers need to collect real-time data from the factory floor to make the best decisions regarding operations. Manufacturers that fail to transition to data-driven decision-making are putting themselves at a huge competitive disadvantage. Ectron’s SmartEYE™, a data collection and data-analytics Platform-as-a-Service made specifically for industrial use, is a great equalizer, allowing every manufacturer in the U.S. to implement all of the operational, financial and sustainability efficiencies enjoyed by multi-billion-dollar enterprises that use data analytics to run leaner and cleaner,” according to Kary Dodd, CEO of Ectron Corporation.