Logistics company suffering product waste, additional shipping expenses and delays for their customers due to mispacked and/or late packages.


Using SmartEYE™, we converted the Company’s manual packing stations into SMART packing stations using barcode scanners, RFID tags and LED lamps (to indicate active vs. inactive, manned vs, unmanned). The software on the Smart Packing Stations was pre-loaded with all 4-layers of BOMs that comprised a complete Kit (i.e., a level of customization unachievable by their existing ERP system). The data collected is being fed directly into the Company’s ERP system.


Company has SMART packing stations that:

  • Alert the operators of any mispacked or missing items in REAL-TIME; and
  • Give managers REAL-TIME confirmation of compliance with packing BOMs and production schedule.

Moreover, integration into the Company’s ERP system provides seamless operational visibility on the production floor to management, real-time updates to inventory stock levels and building ideal profiles relating to operator efficiency (by kit-type, by shift and over time).


6% increase in productivity; virtually no packing errors. Increase in productivity reduced over-time hours and, therefore, overall payroll and utility costs.