• Unexplained production delays
  • Production meeting information based on floor managers’ opinions rather than empirical data
  • Late deliveries due to component shortages not timely identified
  • Sales/Customer Service Department not timely updated on available inventory and delays
  • No ability to determine worker efficiency


SmartEYE™ Factory Flow SaaS implemented at facility


  • Ability to identify production schedule compliance and delays including exact source of delays by department, individual, part shortages, machine downtime (as reported from the factory floor) and/or other causes
  • Sales/Customer Service Department able to see finished goods inventory and production delays per order in real-time
  • Ability to confirm no component shortages that would suspend a production run before starting a production run
  • Ability to identify most prioritized and recurring delays and bottlenecks, and put remedial action in place
  • Workers incentivized to do their best, and over-performing workers rewarded


Delayed orders decreased by 36%, and worker productivity increased by 11%