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Calibration And Measurement

Ectron has a long tradition dating back to 1964 in being the industry leader in supplying super high precision, highly reliable and accurate Metrology, Simulators/Calibrators products.

Thermocouple Simulator Calibrators

Cold Junction Compensators

Freqency-to-Voltage Converters

Instrumentation Amplifiers

LVDT/RVDT Conditioners

Engine Monitors

Transducer Conditioner Amplifiers


IoT Analytics

A new product line being introduced by Ectron, in partnership with Xceler Systems Inc., provides added features to overspeed monitors, LVDT, RVDT line and other to do sensor data fusion and edge machine learning and analytics.

Engine Monitors


Ectron Computing products include PC-104, PCI Express Computing products that can be used in Hi-Reliability and ruggedized form factors for Military, Industrial and Airborne applications. Working with Xceler Systems Inc., Ectron is bringing to market a new range of computing modules and products.

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