Systems Designs Services (VXI, PCIe, ATCA)

  • Part Obsolescence redesign
  • MATLAB/SIMULINK models and simulation
  • Fully integrated HW/SW design
  • Software Integration
  • ATE design
  • Communication Systems
  • Signal Processing Systems

Hardware Design

  • Part Obsolescence redesign
  • FPGA design services
  • PCB design services
  • PCB layout services
  • PCB Signal Integrity checks
  • DSP + FPGA systems
  • Board design in various form factors (VME, VXI, VPX, PC 104, ATCA etc.)
  • Standards based design for IPC, CE and others

Software Design

  • Embedded firmware for real time and non-real time systems
  • Processors Targets:  Analog Devices, Texas Instruments, Intel, ARM and RISC V
  • Driver design
  • OS internals
  • Networking and protocol stacks design and modification
  • Porting software to different targets, integration and testing

Application Software Design

  • Windows and Linux Application design
  • Java, C, C++, C#, Python, MATLAB/Simulink and other languages