Using SmartEYE™, we converted a legacy hops-drying machine into a SMART hops-drying machine with no interruption to production.

Business Problem – Agri-company had a large hops-drying bed that was not drying product uniformly.

Solution – We instrumented the drying bed with a dozen industrial-grade multi-function sensors. We also added sensors to measure material temperature and humidity, airflow from fans, natural gas and electricity usage, machine utilization and availability and other KPIs. We also instrumented the area with environmental sensors to track environmental conditions that affect the bed’s temperature and, thus, product quality.

Outcome – Customer has data needed to: (a) adjust machine settings (incl. fan speed) in “REAL-TIME” to get desirable average temperature across the entire bed; (b) adjust controllable environmental factors as needed “during the production run” to maintain ideal conditions; (c) test product dryness in REAL-TIME and across the entire bed; (d) forecast exact costing per run including natural gas and energy usage; (e) pinpoint equipment deviations for targeted predictive maintenance and/or repairs; and (f) run simulations to see what changes in the process yield efficiencies. Moreover, with 1,800 sensor options, SmartEYE™ can monitor, track, forecast and simulate almost any KPI desired.

In summary, Customer is able to reduce waste (product and time), deliver a more consistent product, implement more accurate scheduling and perform preventive maintenance on machines.


With the SmartEYE™ Agri-Drying Market-Ready Kit, you can monitor your Agricultural Drying Equipment (modern or legacy) 24/7, and send all of the information to your network or directly to your ERP System. SmartEYE™ can retrieve any sort of data from any model of machine no matter how old, making your legacy machines just as efficient and “smart” as modern equipment. With SmartEYE™, there is no upfront cost (with subscription service), no interruption to production, and the system is installed and online in a matter of weeks.

The SmartEYE™ Agri-Drying Market-Ready Kit measures…

  • Material Temperature
  • Material Humidity
  • Environmental Temperature
  • Environmental Humidity
  • Process Anomaly Detection
  • Average Material Temperature, Humidity During Drying
  • Set Up Time, Hold Time, Cool Down Time Per Job
  • Amount of Material Used Per Job, Per Hour or Per Minute
  • Amount Yielded Per Job
  • Costs Per Job (including Material & Energy Cost)

Moreover, with over 1800+ sensor options, the system can be customized to collect any KPI you desire.

Edge Computers with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities allow SmartEYE™ to build machine profiles. Deviations and alerts can be sent to any computer or cell phone. Moreover, Edge Computing eliminates the need for the Cloud; provided, we also provide Cloud access via Microsoft Azure as an option.

This small NEMA box houses SmartEYE™. Data from both wired and wireless sensors is aggregated to the SmartEYE™ “Edge Node” and processed locally on the Edge for real time analytics and machine models. Moreover, if the Cloud option is selected, this data is sent to the Cloud for analytics with a larger data set and integration with the company’s ERP/MRP system.

NEMA Enclosure

Hierarchical Management Dashboards show data at the machine, line, cell, plant and enterprises levels.  Data can also be viewed by the second, minute, hour, month, year or any other time frame desired. Management can start from the Power BI report below, and drill down to the individual machine dashboards, and further down to the individual sensor data dashboards…all presenting real-time information. KPIs and analytics are done in real-time on the local dashboards showing alarms and situational data by individual machine.

Enterprise-level data such as energy usage, machine availability, utilization level, efficiency and predictive maintenance data is also readily available.

In fact, the data collected by SmartEYE™ is so fine-grained that process, resource, equipment and/or environmental deviations can be specifically targeted in real-time. Having such detailed data also assists in upgrading equipment predictive maintenance programs, as well as focused troubleshooting relating to equipment.

Because SmartEYE™ can integrate the data from a customer’s entire enterprise, it allows the customer to compare the efficiency of different machines, resources and/or facilities. This integrated data also allows the user to run simulations to show the systemic effects of changes to schedules, resources, product quality, product yield and/or production processes before such changes are implemented.












SmartEYE™ has an easy-to-use User App, which can be learned in less than an hour. By simply answering a few prompted questions, the operator provides all the information required for comprehensive data analytics.


Easy Installation (No Interruption to Production, No Changes to Equipment)

User-Friendly (Training takes less than 1 day)

Near-Instant Return on Investment

See How It all Works….


  • 24 x 7 Real-Time Data Collection
  • Machine, Line, Cell, Plant and Enterprise Level Dashboards
  • Production Quality Assurance
  • Machine and Project Scheduling
  • Machine Predictive Maintenance
  • Installed and On-line in a Matter of Weeks
  • No Changes to Equipment
  • No Interruption to Production
  • No IT Staff Required
  • No Upfront Cost with Subscription Service
  • Access to Microsoft Azure (as an option)

One Stop Shop: All elements required provided by Ectron Corporation including sensors, industrial-grade Edge computers with AI/ML capability, networking hubs, software stack, system installation and maintenance, data analytics.

Services Included in Standard Subscription:

  • Installation
  • System Maintenance
  • Standard Dashboards

Add-On Services:

  • Customized Dashboards
  • Track Additional KPIs (w/ over 1800+ sensor options)
  • Data Analytics Consulting
  • Business Intelligence/ERP System Integration


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