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Ectron Wins U.S. Air Force Contract

San Diego, CA, July 2009 – The U.S. Air Force awarded Ectron Corporation a contract that will reach $675,000 to furnish Thermocouple Simulator-Calibrator instruments for use in all its calibration laboratories. Thermocouple Simulator-Calibrators are instruments used to measure the high temperatures of aircraft engines and systems, as well as for the calibration of many other instruments both temperature and dc.

Ectron has been a pioneer in the field of thermocouple simulator-calibrators since 1973. Its fourth-generation product, the Model 1140B, will become the standard for all Air Force Calibration Laboratories around the world. The unit features high accuracy, a USB remote user interface, data logging, and rechargeable battery or 120 V ac operation.

The USAF uses these rugged instruments both in the laboratory and in field environments from flight lines to hangars. Ectron was uniquely positioned in this sourcing effort since it is a U.S. based manufacturer that designs, builds, tests, and services all of its products out of its U.S. headquarters in San Diego, CA.

Speaking for Ectron, Michael Fontes, Sales and Marketing Manager, noted that this latest award will go a long way in making Ectron a frontline performer with another branch of the U.S. armed forces. Ectron has been supplying the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps for decades. Now with this latest contract from the U.S. Air Force, Ectron can further demonstrate its core competency to this DOD customer as well.

The contract calls for systems to be shipped within ninety days and to continue for three years. Because of the new contract, Ectron may experience some growth to its local workforce in the 4th quarter of 2009 and beyond.

The Model 1140B is the latest in technical innovation among thermocouple simulator-calibrators in the market today. Ectron was founded in 1964 and has developed and produced lines of thermocouple simulator-calibrators, laboratory instrumentation dc differential conditioner-amplifiers, and ruggedized miniature amplifiers for harsh-environment applications. The San Diego, CA based company is privately held.


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